Internet Time Gambling Operation Raided In Orlando, Florida

February 14, 2018 - Slot Games

Illegal gambling operations come in many different forms these days. With casino gambling becoming increasingly accepted in many states, those running illegal operations are having to dig deeper to stay in business.

One of the most popular new forms of illegal gambling today is businesses that sell Internet time that come with sweepstakes entries. The person buying the time then sits down at a computer and plays what police call “illegal slot machine gambling.”

In Orlando, Florida, the latest raid occurred at one of these businesses. Members of the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation concluded that what was really happening at the business was illegal gambling.

Arrest warrants were issued in the case and individuals that ran the operation or profited from the operation were targeted in the warrants. Warrants were also issued for the managers of the equipment that was being used.

The computers that were being used in the illegal operation and other equipment from Plinko is expected to be seized in the case. These sweepstakes stores have been receiving a lot of attention from police lately.

In this case, the investigators found that the winners were predetermined at the time the customers bought the pre-paid Internet time. The payouts were a low percentage and in addition to losing their money, customers were also losing time that they bought as they played.


More Legalized Gambling Coming To Alabama After Judge’s Ruling

The governor of the state of Alabama had his mind set on ridding the state of gambling. It appears now, after two recent rulings, that there will be more legalized gambling than ever taking place in the state.

A judge ordered that the state return over 100 electronic machines to a location that the governor’s newly created Gambling Task Force had raided. The judge also ruled that the establishment could reopen without worry of law enforcement interference.

While the governor was preparing his legal appeal to that ruling, another ruling came down in St. Clair County. This ruling was that charity bingo could be played legally on electronic machines in Ashville.

In light of the St. Clair ruling, a bingo hall may now be opened in Ashville with up to 2,500 machines. The American Legion Post 170 and other charities would run the new establishment.

There has been an apparent power struggle going on in Alabama over gambling. The state legislature was considering legalizing slot gambling, but was being met with resistance from gambling halls that already existed. The owner of these halls has strong political backing.

The governor, meanwhile, has set out to stop all of these halls from operating. He created the Gambling Task Force to seek out and raid these establishments, only to find out from a judge that one of the raids was done illegally.

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