Internet Gambling Legalization Bill Gets Two More Co-Sponsors

February 1,

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As the World Series of Poker goes on in Las Vegas the idea of legalizing and regulating online gambling is running through the minds of Washington D.C. politicians. Yesterday, two more House Representatives signed on to co-sponsor bill HR 2046, aka, the Internet gambling legalization bill.

Congressman Anthony D. Weiner, from New York, signed on early in the day. Then Bennie G. Thompson, representing the second district of Mississippi signed on to co-sponsor the bill. That makes a total of 28 co-sponsors for the bill.

The new Internet gambling legislation was proposed earlier in the year by House Financial Services Committee Chairman, Barney Frank.

Frank’s HR 2046 bill started off slow but has gained much steam in the past two weeks.

Some of the steam came from a debate between Casino Gambling Web writers and Focus on the Family members about the issue. The Focus on the Family members pointed out what they thought was wrong with Internet gambling. Casino Gambling Web writers pointed out to Focus on the Family the reality that legalization and regulation would actually solve the problems Focus on the Family presented, such as proper protection for underage and problem gamblers.

Focus on the Family had no reply and it became obvious to spectators that Focus on the Family was only focused on the fact that they believe gambling to be morally wrong, not because they actually care about protecting the vulnerable as they stated earlier.

Then Florida politician Robert Wexler went to Las Vegas and riled up the poker community who showed up to the annual World Series of Poker event in the thousands. Many of those at the WSOP started calling their local politicians to express their point of view over the Internet gambling issue.

Later in the month Casino Gambling Web representatives will be traveling to Washington D.C. to present all 535 reps in the House, along with all 100 US Senators, a thick packet of paper documenting the many aspects of the issue.

Included in Casino Gambling Web’s packet is a petition that they sponsored that currently has more than 6,000 signatures and comments.

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